The NKK Group Basic Procurement Policy

Seeking to further pursue its corporate philosophy, the NKK group of companies values the business partnerships it has forged with trading partners and engages in purchasing per these procurement standards and guidelines.

Basic policy

Compliance with applicable laws and environmental considerations

We engage in procurement in compliance with the applicable laws and statutes of each country and strictly comply with both our own internal code of conduct and voluntary industry regulations, placing importance on safety of end-users and environmental considerations.

Fair and equitable transactions

When selecting vendors, we undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the vendor’s quality, delivery timeframes, cost, technology, CSR initiatives, BCP, and other factors per our green procurement standards, and render a fair and equitable decision therein.

Partnerships with business affiliates

We take a long-term view to working with our partners acting as their best partner in producing a better quality of product and mutually prospering together.

Request to trading partners

The NKK group provides its customers with the world’s highest standard of trust and peace of mind, and we remain keenly aware of our social responsibility to contribute to a more plentiful and rich world, as well as engaging in conduct that is gentle on both people and the environment.
In addition to this internal effort, we ask for our partners’ compliance with this approach as we further strengthen our relationships and achieve fair and equitable business.
The partners we seek to forge partnerships with are those who strictly comply with laws and regulations and who constructively contribute to the growth of society.
The content herein is based on the NKK group of companies’ code of conduct and green procurement standards, which are in force throughout the company. Please note that these terms may be revised to accommodate new changes.
We ask our trading partners understand and abide by our procurement policies and purchasing activities.

  • NKK Green Procurement Standards