Corporate philosophy


1.will do its best to create and manufacture products of the best quality in the world.

We are working in the electronics field, which faces severe competition and ever-growing technical innovation. NKK is a going concern with the mission to meet diverse and exacting needs of customers, and to pursue endless manufacturing of the world’s most innovative and excellent products that lead the industry in the electronics market, always by two or three steps ahead. For this purpose, NKK pledges that it will make every enduring effort to continue the enhancement of capacity-building and self-reinvention beyond the limit of current product lines.

2. sells products that give a feeling of security to the people in the world.

NKK products are overwhelmingly patronized by many customers in Japan and in the world. Customers purchase NKK products, because they pay for a feeling of security they can have for NKK’s qualities, prices, deliveries, services, development capacity, and other advantages incorporated into NKK products. Although it takes several decades to build and instill in customers a feeling of security as well as a feeling of trust underlying the sense of security, customer confidence can be lost all at once. With a full awareness of the importance of customer confidence, we pledge that we will perfectly establish a manufacturing system in which every one of us in each section is strongly determined to make and forward no defective products to post-processing, thereby manufacturing 100-percent non-defective products and receiving no complaints from customers.

3.challenges the future technological needs of the world.

NKK is a company established on the basis of its high technological development capacity. Even now, NKK declares that it will follow the way of a technology development-oriented company which satisfies and achieves a wide range of customer needs and requirements directed to NKK. There are many future technological needs which open out before us. All of us working in NKK pledge that we will take up our own mission to face and challenge these needs, and that we will engage ourselves in the discovery and specific manufacturing of products which meet these needs. a group working for the benefit of the world.

It is our corporate philosophy that NKK is a group working for the benefit of the world. NKK is a group which lives up to this basic corporate policy, cherishing high ideals. We believe that NKK products must bring about a maximum profit to our customers worldwide. We pledge that NKK will become a group to which nothing gives more pleasure than performing a task, always thinking of how customers can receive the utmost benefits by taking advantage of our products. (Revised June 18, 2015)


In carrying out corporate activities, we endeavor to respect human rights, to observe relevant laws, ordinances, and regulations as well as social standards, and to uplift the spirit of business ethics both in Japan and in the world. We also strive to maintain and improve an appropriate relationship with society as widely as possible, by taking part in the activities of external organizations in cooperation with them, and by making contributions to society, including global environmental protection activities. We aspire to coexist with society with an adequate awareness of corporate social responsibility as business people.

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