Message from company president

In 1941, incorporating the foundations and craftsmanship of Tosa-washi (traditional Japanese paper), our company was established and focused its energy on the manufacture of separators for aluminum electrolytic capacitors at our local base in Kochi. Based on the concept “work locally, business globally” from an early stage, we took on the challenge and responsibility of delivering our products around the world and have grown as a Global Niche Top Company.

Our target has been to become such a unique company as no other company can substitute. To meet such an objective and also to accommodate our customer needs, we have overcome many kinds of difficulties and honestly engaged in a kind of manufacturing that only we can provide. As a result of such efforts, we now have 95% of domestic, and 60% of worldwide market share. In order that we can fulfill our responsibility of stable product supply and can provide customers with reassurance, we drew up BCP (Business Continuity Plan) in April 2010, and have been executing the plan steadily all along since then.

We would like to keep our humble attitude to customers having such self-awareness as “we are still at the foot of a mountain to look ahead for the future”. And we shall keep on going ahead with an objective to become a strong company that would be needed by customers, substantially contribute to the society, and would be loved by local people. We would also like to be a research and development(R&D) oriented company, while giving sincere consideration to the happiness of our employees, which can create and produce products of highest quality and of best reliability.

In the meantime, we would further strengthen our corporate governance and work on the development of sustainable environment-friendly enterprise. We are convinced that global demand in the areas of environment, energy and vehicle installation we are engaged in would increase more and more for the future. We would like to reconstruct our corporate culture to take on a challenge to speed up R&D and to enter into new areas so that we can maximize our corporate value to continue to be a company that are needed by the society.