Relationship with environment

NIPPON KODOSHI CORPORATION recognizes that preserving the earth's environment is one of the most important challenges for humankind.
We are committed to contribute to a prosperous and sustainable society through the corporate activities that are good for human being as well as the environment.

【Policy Statement】

With intent to actively promote the preservation activities of earth’s environment, actively engage in the earth-environment preserving activities, we evaluate environmental impact of our corporate activities, products and services, take protective measures against environmental pollution, and keep on improving our environmental management system established pursuant to ISO14001.


We are committed to continuously engage in environment protection activities not only by complying with existing environmental regulatory laws, agreements and other requirements we have accepted, but also with our in-house environmental standard which we have established within our achievable economical and technical capabilities.


We have established our environmental ideals, goals and plans in the range of technically and economically feasible. Also, we monitor their achievements constantly and review as necessary. We keep on enhancing our environmental performances.


We are committed to the management of chemical substances of environmental load.


We make efforts to keep and preserve the company owned forest for the purpose of cultivating water resources.


We educate and train all of our employees and employees of our affiliated companies working in our premises on the issues of environmental management in order to promote understanding, improve skills on environmental issues and encourage them to actively participate in environmental management activities.


We announce environment activities to outside of the company as well as all employees.

【Publicity of our environmental policy】

The environmental policy is open to public as well as all of our employees and concerned parties. (Revised June 23, 2016)