Relationship with environment

【Core Philosophy】

NIPPON KODOSHI CORPORATION believes conserving the global environment is one of the most crucial challenges shared by the entire human race. For this reason, we are engaged in “corporate activities that are sensitive to humans and the natural environment” with the goal of creating a prosperous society and contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

【Basic Policies】

NIPPON KODOSHI CORPORATION has established the following environmental policies in order to realize a carbon-neutral, carbon-free society where total greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to zero by 2050.


We will establish and administer a company-wide organization and the like for activities in order to perform global environmental conservation activities.


We will work to reduce CO2 emissions in accordance with Japan's greenhouse gas reduction targets.


We will properly manage company-owned forests to maintain their water source cultivation function. We will also promote the cultivation and the like of broadleaf trees to improve the sustainability of our forests, and maintain and enhance biodiversity.


We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, and related agreements with local governments. We will also establish voluntary standards that are stricter than environmental laws, regulations, and agreements, while working to prevent environmental pollution and reduce environmental impact.


We will set environmental targets and continuously improve our environmental performance.


We will strive to properly manage chemical substances subject to regulations as required by law and customer requirements, as well as chemical substances used by our company.


All of our employees and business partners will deepen their understanding of the environment, and promote environmental conservation activities. We will also ensure adequate communication with local residents and other interested parties.


[Internal/External Activities to Spread Awareness of our Environmental Policy]
We will proactively provide information about this environmental policy and the status of our environmental conservation activities through our website and other means as necessary. (Revised on Sept. 21, 2021)